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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bald Pate Inn


Hi all,

I've decided to add a restaurant we really like but is much more casual than what I have put up here in the past. The restaurant is called the Bald Pate Inn and it is up above Estes Park, Colorado. It is a Bed and Breakfast that is celebrating its 92nd year this year and it is by far one of my favorite places to go for lunch or dinner when we are up in Estes. The restaurant itself is showing it's years a bit but that really is part of its charm and the view from the dining room is just amazing looking down from it's perch above the Estes Valley.

The menu is just soup and salads with some great desserts to finish it up. They normally have 2 soups to choose from and these are both very hearty and made on the premises, some of the choices we have seen are white chili, chili, vegetable, vegetable beef and chicken and each and everyone of them are so very good and filing with large chunks of meat and vegetables it just puts a smile on your face and a sigh to the belly! To go along with the soup they have a great salad bar filled with tons of fresh ingredients and normally 2 specialty salads also made fresh there. We have seen many varieties here from apple walnut to a pasta salad. The final bit they have is fresh made bread and muffins and these are always my doom with the taste and the freshness just making me eat that extra bite then one more. They also have some very good tasting desserts but even more than your standard restaurant I seldom have the room to try it out!

The Bald pate is normally open from May- October and while reservations are not required they are strongly suggested. If you are heading up there for more than just a day trip, the Bald Pate also offers cabins and rooms to rent which all seem very cozy but the real reason to stay here is the view and it’s out of the way location. I am not going to rate this place on our standard scale as it is more casual but we try to make it up there 2 or 3 times a year and in a world with so many options that is a large compliment in itself! The Bald Pates website is http://www.baldpateinn.com/ and it is located at 4900 South Hwy. 7 Estes Park, CO 80517 with a phone number of 970-586-6151.

Thanks again for stopping by and if have any questions or suggestions please let us know.