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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Visit to Fruition Farms with Chef Alex Seidel

Hi all,

A few weeks back I went down to meet Chef Alex Seidel of Fruition Restaurant (http://fruitionrestaurant.com/) at his farm and sheep dairy. These days “locally grown” and from the farm ingredients are all in vogue and many restaurants in the area boast of using them. However, very few actually have gone so far as to open their own farm to ensure they get exactly what is needed in their restaurant at the peak of freshness and Chef Seidel is one of them.

When I was heading down there I had in mind that he was doing goat's milk cheese, which I was pretty excited about having tried several varieties before. But, I was surprised to find out when I got there that I was mistaken, and it is sheep’s milk cheese he is making. Which, after getting a bite of his freshly made ricotta chesse was very happily surprised by. I asked him why sheep and he let me know that they have a much higher fat content in their milk (8 percent vs 2-3 percent) and that makes a better cheese). He had just gotten the sheep in the week before and already he had begun making ricotta and hopes to make some hard cheeses in the near future.

While he was walking me around the farm, I was amazed at how much work had been done. Most chefs don’t have tons of time really away from the restaurant in the first place, but the amount of work that has been done there at the farm just makes me think the man must never sleep. When I mention this, Chef Seidel quickly mentions that he has had a lot of help from his sous chef and friends and even crews from different restaurants in the area have come down to lend a hand. To give you an idea of the work involved the dairy just a few months ago was a bare bones structure with dirt floors. Now it is fully tiled with a fairly ingenuous milking station and a sterile fully tiled room set up to make the cheese in as well as 2 aging rooms. Considering they did all the work themselves it is pretty amazing.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was go over to the two “covered” growing areas which are flanked by a cherry tree and black berry bushes. I put covered in quotes as currently they are not covered at all as a 90 plus mph wind storm ripped the covers right off them earlier this year. Still there are several varieties of vegetables growing. Another thing I found pretty cool is none of the people working the farm have any farm experience prior, as they all come from culinary backgrounds. So you can tell a lot of work has gone in to get the necessary knowledge to make this work.



Next stop was the barn which they also had to redo the outside of and a lot of the inside as it had fallen in to disrepair. Inside is a chicken coop with several different types of hens and roosters from which Chef Seidel gets his eggs. And of course sheep, which milled around eating a bit. I asked Chef Seidel why he decided to make the farm and besides for of course wanting to use the freshest local ingredients he could, he also said it was a chance for continuing education for the community (he had a Denver school class come down and interact with the animals and dig up some root vegetables) but also for him as a chef.



After the barn we headed over to the greenhouse where just a huge amount of micro greens were being grown. It was a lot of fun going through there and sampling a few of them. The farm supplies 40 different local restaurants with their greens. After this it was into the dairy to watch his cheese maker working on the latest batch of ricotta. The ricotta that comes from his restaurant can be found at many local restaurants. In fact, I ran across some at Argyll restaurant just last week.



What lies ahead? Well, he is planning to get some tables and cooking areas set up to have farm dinners in the future and hoping also to increase the varieties of vegetables and cheese he is making. If you have not yet had a chance to give Fruition a try I would highly suggest you do soon.

Thanks for stopping by our Colorado restaurant review and food blog. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here or email us at jonathan or barbara @milehigheater.com

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News bits

Hi all

Running a bit late on our weekly posting due to a few life issues. We will have a post up tommorow about our trip to Fruition farm. I Also wanted to say if any would like to join us at one of outings to a restaurant just drop us a line. Next month we are heading out to Cholon Bistro.

Here is a press release we were sent thought we would pass it along.


(Denver, CO) October 21, 2010 – Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, located at 16th & Curtis in downtown Denver, will be hosting a DAY OF TIPS on Thursday, November 4, 2010. Tipped employees will be donating 100% of their tips from their shift to Rock Bottom’s Thanksgiving Gathering!

DAY OF TIPS will take place all day on Thursday, November 4th. Guests can dine for a great cause – helping to feed individuals and families in Denver’s homeless community! “We look forward to this event all year long and we work all year long to make sure the Gathering is a special day to for our guests.”, says Melanie Keller, General Manager for the downtown Denver Rock Bottom.

In addition to the DAY OF TIPS taking place, Rock Bottom will also be celebrating 19 years of Cheers that night! Their Anniversary Ale will be tapped at 6 p.m. and they will serve free pints of Anniversary Ale until 6:30 p.m.

Rock Bottom’s Thanksgiving Gathering takes place on Thanksgiving Day. The restaurant is closed to the public for the day, but their doors will be open to feed a traditional Thanksgiving meal to individuals and families in the homeless community.

Tipped employees wanted to help raise money for the Thanksgiving Gathering. While many Rock Bottom employees will also be donating their time to ensure Rock Bottom’s Thanksgiving Gathering is a success, money is also needed to purchase the many things required to make Thanksgiving a memorable day for those in the homeless community. To donate to Rock Bottom’s Thanksgiving Gathering, please call Rock Bottom at 303-534-7616 and ask to speak with Melanie Keller.

In addition to the Thanksgiving meal, gift bags will be handed out to every person who dines at Rock Bottom on Thanksgiving Day.

For questions or more information on Rock Bottom’s DAY OF TIPS, please call Melanie Keller at 303-534-7616 or Dawne Hostetter at 303-478-9671.

About Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.

Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. currently employs over 6,800 nationwide. It owns and operates 102 restaurants across the United States - 64 "Old Chicago" restaurants and 38 brewery concepts operating under the names "Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery," "ChopHouse & Brewery," and "Walnut Brewery". The Company also operates two Sing Sing concepts, an entertainment venue featuring a dueling piano bar in a club setting.

It has franchise partnerships under its Old Chicago brand that account for 37 locations; three locations under the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery brand and one ChopHouse location.

In 2000, the Company formed the Rock Bottom Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit entity. The Foundation's primary focus is to make a positive impact on the issue of hunger within its communities, help its teammates in crisis, and inspire a culture of giving and volunteerism.

The Company’s annual sales in 2009 were $304 million. Projected sales for 2010 are $303 million.

All of Rock Bottom's restaurants are casual dining establishments featuring excellent service, high-quality, moderately priced food and a distinctive selection of micro-brewed and specialty beers served in a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Talk with Chef Bob Blair of Fuel Cafe

Hi all,

This week we post a few questions we asked Chef Bob Blair of Fuel Café after our dinner there with Hush Denver.

1. What attracted you to cooking?

Process of elimination and stubbornness. I thought I was always supposed to go to college. I failed miserably as a student. I am actually pretty smart, I just hate to study. After being in college for 7 years without a degree, I finally quit school and started waiting tables and cooked for friends and family. I was catering a few parties from my home when a friend said his dad wanted me to move out of Colorado and open a restaurant for him. I had no idea why someone who never ran a restaurant would be asked to do it now. He said, I have seen your work ethic and the way people react to your food. That is all I need to know that you have some serious potential in a kitchen.

The stubborn side of me would never let me listen to my Mom or old girlfriends when they suggested I go to cooking school, or try cooking as a profession.
They eventually wore me down though.

2. What is the philosophy behind your cooking, or in your kitchen?

Never be afraid to try something. Always be fearless about new techniques, cuisines and especially about contributing ideas. Everyone in the Fuel kitchen has to come with ideas. Just dont take it personally when we shoot them down. We are always trying to bring something interesting to the table, try not to bring trends, or the same old same old.

3. What is the biggest influence on the way you cook?

Sentimentality. I selfishly cook to transport myself to Italy, Spain, France, or my Mom's kitchen. I dont get to travel much these days, so I cook to take myself there. My parents died about ten years ago, and I always have something on the menu that reminds me of them.

4. Is there a chef living today you would like to work with? and why?

Pep Manubens of Cal Pep in Barcelona. He cooks the purest Spanish food I have ever eaten. My wife and I honeymooned in Spain. We spent our first few days in Barcelona, and went to Cal Pep. It was amazing. We then traveled up north to San Sebastien and when we came back to Barcelona, we went straight back to Cal Pep. He is probably 65 years old now and still works the bar, waiting on customers and cooking at the bar too. I will never forget the baby squid with lentils, cooked in squid ink. One of my most powerful flavor memories.

5. Is there a particular ingredient you like to cook with more than others?

Whatever I did not cook with yesterday. I hate leftovers, I hate cooking the same thing day after day. I always want to cook something new and interesting.

6. If stuck on a desert isle and could have one meal from then on out what would it be?

Homemade pasta with Ragu Bolognese

7. Is someone asked you for two Colorado restaurants to try other than your own what would you suggest?

Z Cuisine and Six 89 in Carbondale

8. How about one restaurant any where in the world?

Arzak in Spain. Most people think Ferren Adria started the contemporary Spanish movement. Juan Marie Arzak came first. Ferran Adria may have taken it to a whole different level, but Juan Marie is the man.

9. What do you think about the Hush dining concept of going to different location types for their meal events?

I love Hush. I dont like going back to the same restaurant on a regular basis, I hate eating the same thing day after day. Hush is ideal for me. I love the mystique, the surprise, and especially the willingness of the guests to trust us as cooks, and Phil and Chance, and their crew to prepare an experience for you.

Thanks for visiting our food blog. If you have any questions, you can leave comments here or email us at jonathan or barbara@milehigheater.com.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Events October 11-November 8

Hi all
Here is the things that are going on in the next month

Restaurant Events October 11- November 8

Beatrice and Woodsley: Denver http://www.beatriceandwoodsley.com/
We have created an evening to celebrate the enchantment of the night... Things may go "bump", things may cause fright. Rest assured that everything will be as perfect as can be made by candle light. Expect an evening of uncommon cuisine and peculiar service. Lanterns will flicker fleeting shadows of the unnatural as you dine with your friends closely entwined in the cellar that is home to our immortal wine... Menu
6:30 p.m. October 28, 2010
Intimate community seating in the wine cellar
$48 prix fixe provisions alone;
$72 prix fixe provisions and selected potations
~Gratuity Included~
Seating is limited; Reservations Required... 303-777-3505

Chimney Park: Windsor www.chimneypark.com CHEESE and WINE TASTING - LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
Join us for this fun and educating event! We pick a region of the world, 4 wines, 4 cheeses and you come enjoy! "Head Cheese" Chef Jason Shaeffer shares his "cheesy" knowledge and the rest of the staff "whines" about wines! The cost is $25 per person; you receive a glass and start sampling! We ask that you arrive between 5:30 and 6:30 PM...there is not an "ending time". Call for more information 970-686-1477.

Ian Kleinman: www.food102.blogspot.com As the seasons are changing, our plan for the cart will continue into the winter at the Colorado Convention Center. We will be setting up for our first convention on October 18, 19, and 20th.
Kelly Liken: Vail http://www.kellyliken.com/ Extreme Dining" - A tasting Event By Reservation Only
"Taste of forbidden love" - Romantic Dinners, Celebrated wine and spirits of the past
10.04.10 - 10.09.10
"Kids Corner" Dinner and Dessert Creation Station
"Taste of forbidden love, Night Out" - Romantic Dinners, celebrated wine and spirits of the past.
For more details on any of these events visit http://www.kellyliken.com/events

Mizuna: Denver http://mizunadenver.com/ Various cooking classes

Sugar beet: Longmont http://www.sugarbeetrestaurant.com/ None listed as of 9/28

Terroir Longmont www.terroir-restaurant.com/
Thursday, October 14 at 6:30 p.m.: Hard Apple Cider Dinner - Please join us as we welcome local cider apple afficionado, Dick Dunn, of Talisman Farms and enjoy five courses of autumn themed cuisine paired with four hard apple ciders from around the world. Mr. Dunn will provide us with a tasting of the cider apples he grows at his farm in Hygiene, as well as share his wealth of knowledge on this topic. Tickets for this event are $45 per person excluding tax and gratuity. Seating is community style and is limited to 15 guests. To make a reservation, please call Melissa at 303.651.0630.

Wednesday, October 20 at 6:30 p.m.: Please join us as we welcome Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado. We will be featuring their Pale Ale and IPA, and also their soon-to-be-canned Brown Ale. Tickets for this Community Beer Social are $25 excluding tax and gratuity. To make a reservation, please call Melissa at 303.651.0630.

Sunday, October 31 at 5 p.m.: Celebrate Halloween at Terroir! Enjoy a five course Pumpkin themed wine dinner...reservations can be made by calling 303.651.0630.

November 12-20: Join us for First Bite Boulder! Enjoy three courses from a special, limited menu for $26 excluding tax and gratuity.

Cooking classes are offered at Terroir each Saturday morning from 9 a.m. until noon. Classes are taught by Executive Chef Tim Payne and are limited to four students, thereby providing a hands-on experience for all. Classes cost $65 including all supplies, lunch, and a $10 gift certificate to Terroir. For a complete listing of scheduled classes, please call Melissa at 303.651.0630

Food events/ festivals

October 19th from 5-8pm.Twisted pine Brewery is hosting Streat Chefs for a very unique beer dinner on Tuesday,October 19th from 5-8pm. Streat Chefs will be cooking up a variety of dishes using Twisted Pine Beer. They've got 18 draft beers to choose from so we should get some really interesting dishes.

About Streat Chefs:

The Streat Chefs menu is inspired by street food found across the globe, from alleyways in Bangkok to sand pits on the beaches of Mexico. What makes this kind of food special is the passion, flavor and uniqueness that can only be found on the street, where real life happens.

Streat Chefs founder, Hosea Rosenberg, winner of Top Chef Season 5 is constantly researching new food trends as well as local flavors in order to bring them to the street!


October 21;
9HealthFair and EatDenver have partnered to present the second annual "A Saucey Affair" held Thursday, Oct. 21 from 6-9pm at Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. Chefs compete for "Boss of the Sauce" in the People's and Judge's Choice award categories and offer tastings of their accompanying dishes. Participating restaurants include Black Pearl, Elway's, Encore on Colfax, Jonesy's Eat Bar, Locanda Del Borgo, Opus Restaurant, Root Down, Snooze, Steuben's Table 6, Tarbell's SouthGlenn, The Avenue Grill, The Crushery, Vesta Dipping Grill and Wynkoop Brewing Company.

Tickets are $65 and entertainment will be provided by Hazel Miller. Proceeds from the event support 9HealthFair's volunteer-run free and low-cost health screening and educational programs.

For more info, please see attached or visit www.9HealthFair.org.

We're also doing a four-course vegetarian beer dinner on Saturday October 23rd at 6:30pm at the Gindi Cafe in Boulder. Here is a look at the menu:

First Course - Spanakopita Pinwheels

Sauteed spinach and onions, layered with Phyllo dough and Feta cheese, rolled and baked until golden brown. Served with a side of yogurt and sliced cucumbers.
Paired with Billy’s Chilies, a light brew infused with a variety of peppers.

Second Course - Spring Mix Salad

Organic spring mix with shredded carrots, cucumbers, sesame seeds, and our house balsamic vinaigrette.
Paired with Hoppy Boy, an India Pale Ale balanced with a malty sweetness.

Third Course - Oven Roasted Squash

Butternut squash stuffed with orange-ginger brown rice and pine nuts, roasted until tender. Served with a side of caramelized oranges sprinkled with nutmeg.
Paired with Pearl St. Porter, a Baltic porter celebrating Boulder’s 150 years.

Dessert Course - Chocolate Duo

Chocolate Mousse - our hand rolled tart shells filled with fresh chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Truffle - a traditional chocolate truffle dusted with Ghirardelli cocoa.
Paired with Espresso Stout, a smooth stout balanced with an earthy espresso.

October 22-23rd

Wine In The Pines 2010: Event October 22nd & 23rd. Keystone Colorado
Wine In The Pines 2010: Event October 22nd & 23rd. Keystone Colorado
This year the Wine In The Pines celebrates the wine and work and wines of Francis Ford Coppola. The theme of this two day event is based on one of Coppola's most popular films Godfather. The event draws guests for coast to coast.

Click Here To Visit The Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

The event opens Friday October 22nd evening at the Keystone Ranch Restaurant with the legendary Winemaker's Dinner with a menu designed by Head Chef Jason Kassib, that is sure to be a show stopper.

On Saturday October 23rd the Keystone Conference Center will swing into action when the ballroom doors open at 6pm until nobody is left standing! The International Wine and Gourmet Food Tasting this evening will host more than 500 international wines, gourmet food from seven of Keystone's top restaurant, live music featuring; The Jerseys.

Guest are welcome to wear "Godfather attire (but leave the Tommy gun at home), black tie as always is a safe way to go.

It's advised to purchase tickets in advance to ensure your spot for this historic event.
Click Here For Ticket Information
Prices range from $100.00 to $350.00 depending on the package you prefer.

October 23rd
The Board of Trustees and Friends of the Colorado Music Festival & Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts cordially invite you and your friends to attend

to benefit the Colorado Music Festival &
Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts
Saturday, October 23, 2010, 6:00 p.m.
At Laudisio Ristorante Italiano
1710 29th Street, Boulder

• Fine wines & passed hors d'oeuvres followed by a gourmet family style Festa Italiana
• Silent & Outloud auctions with wonderfully new and unusual items including unique vacations,
rare wines, luxury services, outdoor adventure activities and more • Gary Corbett, auctioneer
• Musical entertainment • Semi-formal dress

Again this year, Antonio Laudisio will delight our palates with his handcrafted food, paired with fine wines. The voices of Ashraf Sewailam and Sarah Barber will welcome guests and entertain between courses. Taking into consideration the layout of this wonderful restaurant, the auctions have been redesigned for more fun AND more elbow room!

Space is limited and we expect it to sell out quickly. Please RSVP by October 11th to receive the early registration price of $175/person - $200/person after October 11th.

Reservations can be made online at www.COmusic.org/goto/FFS or by calling the CMF office at 303.449.1397. 

Novmeber 4
The Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO
Thursday November 4, 2010, 6 to 9pm,
The Mile High Station, Denver, CO
Ticket Cost: $100 per person
This amazing event is limited to 400 tickets.
The "Taste of Elegance" Competition pairs Gold Medal wines from The Denver International Wine Competition, with some of America's most creative chefs. While the event is sometimes referred to as "Iron Chef meets wine", participating chefs have no secret ingredient. They are assigned two gold medal wines (white & red) one week before the competition. Chef's are provided with sample bottles to taste and develop their custom paired dishes.
On event day, the participating chefs will create custom paired dishes, served in appetizer portions. Representatives from the assigned gold medal winery will pour wine samples alongside the chef's food table.
A panel of notable food and wine critics/experts will taste each culinary creation with its assigned wine.

Monday, October 4, 2010

shhh!... The Hush secret revealed

Well, the secret was revealed last night when we went to our Hush dinner. Last Wednesday, Jonathan got an email about where we would be going. We ended up at the Fuel Cafe. But, we did not eat in the Fuel Cafe. We ate outside where a table was set for 85 people. We were surrounded by the Fuel Cafe garden and railroad tracks and an open field. You might say, "railroad tracks" how odd, but I must say that it gave the outdoor setting a rustic feeling as the trains went by. We thought we might get rained out, but once the storm cloud dropped a few raindrops, it moved on and the night became a lovely evening making new friends, eating wonderful food, listening to a fantastic guitar player, and sharing tales with new people.

Here are a few pictures of the area where we were:



We were served four different appetizers: Raw Scallop marinated with Ouzu Citrus, Cilatro and Beet Chips.
He says: Ok, not sure about this one. It had a nice citrus taste with a spicy kick at the end but something about the slippery rawness of it just did not go well. It was ok but don’t think I would want it again.

She says: I'm allergic to scallops...so I passed.

The next appetizer was a Harissa Fritter with Harissa Aioli and Anchovy.
He says: The small fish sitting on top of the fritter really threw me off but the smell was amazing and then when you take a bite… YUM!!! Just an incredible mix of flavors I quickly looked over almost hoping the anchovy would make Barb pass on hers but..

She says: Anchovy?? Ewww....but decided to be brave and give it a try. The anchovy was cold and the fritter was hot and crispy and gooey, so the mixture of the two was good. You didn't get an overwhelming taste of anchovy, because they blended so well together.

Our third appetizer was an cooked oyster.
He says: Ok, to be honest when I saw the oyster shell I was nervous, as you may have guessed from my comments on the scallop I am not a huge fan of slimy lumps of fish meat. However I was very happily surprised by this creation which had a wonderful texture and a taste that made me sit up and look for more. Once again I looked over to see if Barb had wimped out and not eaten hers but no she saw the oyster shell and passed altogether, so I couldn't steal hers....sigh.

She says: OK, I wimped out on the oyster. I can only be so brave in one night. I just didn't think I could do it. But after what Jonathan said, I wish I had been brave! hehe

Our last appetizer was Peach wrapped in Prosciutto.
He says: Well, I can’t really add much that the picture doesn’t say for itself. A perfectly ripe peach and an incredible prosciutto, if your mouth isn’t starting to water looking at this nothing I can say could sway you.

She says: This was yummy. One quick bite of sweet peach and savory ham.

Course 1: Ajo Blanco Soup with Striped Bass, Membrillo, Avocado Ice cream, Tobiko, Chive. Wine pairing was Jean-Babtiste Adam - Riesling Reserve.
He says: Seriously? Fish avocado ice cream soup? Reading this I knew there was just no way I was going to like this. WRONG - it was another major Yum, maybe even YUMMMY. This was an amazing dish, the tastes and textures were just so good that you wanted to hunker down and just eat the soup. I have had many soups at restaurants, some have been hits and some misses, but only a very few are something that I think back later and just crave. This is one of them.

She says: First off, I didn't know what tobiko was and found out it was Flying Fish Roe Caviar. This dish was delish. As we've mentioned many times you have to get a bit of everything on your spoon to appreciate the flavors together. Sometimes when you only get one or two components you don't understand the dish. This dish had it all, soft, hard, sweet, savory. Just a great combination of flavors.

Course 2: Tomato Confit, Bottarga, Purslane, Tomato Gel. The wine pairing was Three Rivers - Sauvignon Blanc.
He says: Hmmpff! It's tomatoes on a plate…oh boy. You may guess I am not a huge tomato fan, so this did not do it for me. But talking to several of the people around us after the meal, several of them said this was one of their favorites.

She says: I am not a big tomato fan, so this dish for me was not that memorable. The tomatos were beautiful and the purshane fresh from the Fuel Cafe garden was good, but overall, this just wasn't my favorite dish. But, the people around us who were tomato fans loved this dish.

Course 3 - Zucchini Linguine, Sea Urchin Sauce, Chicharrones. Wine pairing was Pepiere – Muscadet.
He says: Bite one, hmm, not sure about this one. Odd flavors that stick around a bit. Bite two, wait a minute did someone switch out my dish? I kind of like this. Bite three, mmmm I really like this. I don’t know why it grew on me so much but it really did. I'm so glad I gave it a second bite. At the end of the dinner I thought this actually was my favorite course, but I think the soup has left an over all bigger impression as time has passed.

She says: At first I was dreading the sea urchin sauce idea. But, once you started eating it, that dread went right away. The sauce was delicious, it smelled wonderful and tasted even better than I could imagine.

Course 4 - Halibut Cheeks, Beans, Rutabaga, Vanilla Garlic Ice Cream. Wine pairing was Guffens Heynen White.

Ok, was getting pretty dark now so the next two pictures are not great - sorry.
He says: Garlic ice cream…re-read course description. Yes, that’s what it says. First the avocado ice cream, and now this. I like ice cream, I really do, but this mad scientist of a chef puts things in ice cream I would not dream of even in a nightmare ... and I am so glad he does, because it just works. Everything blended well together, the flavors and textures to make a fantastic dish.

She says: I have to say that when we got to our fourth course, the sun had disappeared and the tiki torches and candles were not illuminating as much as they could have, therefore I have to rely on Jonathan's pictures to know what I ate! But, even though I couldn't see it, it tasted delicious. The beans were crisp and tasty blended in the vanilla garlic ice cream. The halibut cheeks were soft and melted in your mouth.

Dessert - Apple Confit Cake, Creme Fraiche, Caramel and Lemon Tuile. Wine pairing was Bonny Doon Vin Ferno.

He says: This was good, but not a huge standout for me. Probably because it was the end of a very filling meal. I remember thinking it was good but that’s all I can really report about this one.

She says: Again, I couldn't see what was on the plate, but I ate every bite! Crunchy and light and very fulfilling for the end of the evening.

We forgot to mention that we were served Champagne upon arrival, and we didn't say much about the wines, since neither of us are real wine drinkers - but the pairings went very well together. I think I was even a little tipsy by the end of the night.

And finally we will leave you with a picture of the chef from Fuel Cafe, Bob Blair and Phil Armstong, one of the two partners who put together the Hush events.

Thanks as always for stopping by our Colorado restaurant and food review and blog. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us here or at jonathan or barbara@milehigheater.com

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Friday, October 1, 2010

hush releases the list for adventures in dining

Tickets Now On Sale for
"Adventures in Dining"

We invite you to join us at our mountain retreat for an overnight adventure in dining. Guests are asked to bring the following:

1)An appetite for adventure
2)An appetite
3)Appreciation for great food and amazing wine
4)Desire to get away from it all for 24 hours
5)A friend/spouse/lover/ to share your private jacuzzi with
6)Relaxed attitude
7)Desire to learn secrets from some of Colorado's top Chefs
8)Toothbrush, everyone hates morning breath


Saturday October 23rd- Matt Jensen Chef/Owner of Mateo and Radda Trattoria in Boulder CO.

Saturday November 6th- Alec Schuler Chef/Owner of Arugula Ristorante in Boulder CO.

Saturday November 20th- Chef James Mazzio

Saturday December 11th- Chef Daniel Asher of Root Down Denver.

Check your stress at the door and let us take care of the rest...

Details given to our confirmed guests upon ticket purchase.

See you there

Tickets on sale NOW @ HushDenver.com
An email will be sent to this list only for first 48 hours, then opened up to entire Hush list.
Each experience limited to 6 rooms based on double occupancy queen (price the same if room is only occupied by one guest) Dates beginning the last weekend in October.

Eat Outside The Box.