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Monday, March 7, 2011

Door to Door Organics

Hi all,

**** I am very sorry I incorectly said you would get a 50 percent discount with the code at the end it is a 40 percent discount *(still a great deal I think)

No new restaurant this week, but next week we will talk about our trip to the Happy Sumo. This week I want to mention a new service we got to try out: Door to Door Organics (http://colorado.doortodoororganics.com). What they do is deliver fresh organic fruit and veggies to your door on a weekly basis.

I must admit for us organic/not organic is not a huge factor. What is a factor, is freshness and everything we received in the box was nice and fresh. Another thing is that you get a nice variety which can encourage you to try a new fruit or veggie you would not normally buy. Of course they do let you swap out a few items just in case something that is going to be delivered is on your own personal no way list.

They come in four different sizes depending on your family size. (For the two of us the bitty was just fine).
The Bitty
Perfect starter box for the single cook, roommates, or a couple.
The Small
A good size for a couple that cooks, and might have a small child.
The Medium
Works for a hearty vegetarian couple, or a family with a couple of veggie and fruit minded children.
The Large
Should satisfy the needs of most any family, and if not you can always order more.

And whets in them changes weekly. Below is an example of what they have going on this week.

Item: Quantity:
Red Tomatoes
Red Bell Pepper
Red Kale bunch
Leaf Lettuce
Broccoli bunch
Kiwi Fruit
Red Bartlett Pears
Gala Apples
Navel Oranges

Now, price here is the meat and potatoes of the issue and you know whether it is worth it for you and your family. The prices range from $24.99 for the bitty up to $51.99 for the large and there are several options in between.

Really, it comes down to how important is it for you to get a nice variety of organic mixed fruit and vegetables (or just fruit or just veggies) delivered hassle free to your house? If you are just not sure if this is for you, or even if you know you like the idea the kind people at Door to Door Organics gave us a code to enter at the order screen (milehigheater) which will give you 40 percent off your first order.

Well, as always thanks for stopping by and if you give Door to Door Organics a try, let us know what you think.