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Monday, September 15, 2008

In the woods with Beatrice and Woodsley

Hi all,

Barb and I made it out to Beatrice and Woodsley (www.beatriceandwoodsley.com) late last month and it seems they have an all around winner on their hands. The environment is inventive and new and in fact, it is so unique inside that the proprietor asked me not to show pictures of the inside because he wants people to discover it for themselves and we think that’s a great idea! You will be enthralled with the little touches inside this restaurant which seems on the outside to be just a regular place.

The menu is composed of “small plates”, so if you’re not very hungry you can go in and order just one. But if you’re in the mood for a more filling meal, I would say try two and go from there and of course sharing your plate with the others in your party is half the fun! I am going to try to briefly describe this fun place. You come in and see Aspen trees spread throughout the space with a nice soft jazz music playing and converted lanterns overhead. The booths and tables are far enough apart that it gives you a private feeling and you almost immediately forget you are right in the heart of Denver and are transported to a spot of your own up in the mountains.
Jonathan’s first course


GRILLED, BRAISED PORK BELLY With mashed peas, carrot, potato and house-cured/smoked ham
He says:
Wait for it ………. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! From the wonderful smell of the pork and cherry wood (that’s what is on the plate beneath) to the OMG MMM of the pork belly this was fantastic. Even the veggies on the side had pork flavor and that’s a trend I can get behind veggies that taste like bacon!!! This is the first pork belly I have had and it was so tasty I will go ahead and give this a 10.
She says:
I don’t remember much of Jonathan’s dish…probably because he was too busy eating it all himself! 

Barb’s First dish.


MARKET GROWIES, CARROT HAZELNUT BREAD Chef selected, pan roasted, with mushroom gastrique

She says:
I thought this would be a good starter for me. I really wanted to try the carrot hazelnut bread (and wish the portion was just a little bit bigger). Overall the vegetables were cooked well and tasted delicious, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. I would give it a 6.
He says:
I thought these were cooked just right - not too soft or too crunchy, but have to be honest it was veggies, just veggies and me in my pork filled bliss, well, this just didn’t do it for me but of course at this point had it been manna that had just fallen down from the sky I would of shrugged it off and gone back to my pork. I give it a 6.5.
Barb’s Second Dish


PAILLARD Lemon cucumber, New Caledonian shrimp, white soy dressing and micro greens

She says:
Ok, so I did get a little more adventurous with my 2nd small plate. The sauce was heated and made this hard crust on the bottom of the plate which I then cut and placed on the cucumber slice. It had a very light flavor overall, lemony with a small taste of shrimp. I would order this again as it was so very light and airy, but did fill me up. The shrimp heads were more for decoration (but you can eat them if you’re into that). The waiter said that most people just squeeze them for some extra juice! Make this an 8.

He says:
Where’s the shrimp? That’s what I asked myself when I saw this. I see shrimp heads but no shrimp. Then I figured it out the shrimp had been pounded flat and placed under the Shrimp heads and when the shrimp was placed on some the cucumber it had a very pleasing taste with a hint of citrus and a nice crunch from the cucumber. A 7 is what I give it.

Jonathans 2nd


CRAWFISH BEIGNETS Sweet pepper aioli, spicy powdered sugar

He says:
Do I dare do it two times in one review ……yes I am afraid I must, YUMMM! Ok, not as big of a yum as the Pork but still a very nice yum. The outside was crisp and strangely enough tasted a bit like a donut but then came a rush of warm aioli that adds a taste and spicy heat to the tongue and the combined flavors are fantastic. I will give this an 8.5 as it almost pulled an Mmm out of me.
She says:
I tried a bite of this and just did not enjoy it. It was too mushy for me. I’m glad Jonathan liked it though. I would give this a 6.

Jonathan's Dessert


He says:
The cookies are light and crispy and the filling has a light sweet almond flavor that combines very nicely with the chocolate and gives you a very nice way to finish off your night. A 7.5 I would say.
She says:
This was a nice dessert with sweet almond flavoring. I really liked the crispiness of it combined with the almond gooiness. I would give this a 7.5.

Barb’s Dessert


She says:
For dessert, I had the German Chocoate Cake. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but loved the fact that it wasn’t just all cake and a small amount of topping. The topping was layered in to make this a much more vibrant and delicious treat. I would give this an 8.
He says:
I really enjoy German Chocoloate cake and the was pretty darn good very moist and rich and the chocoloate was very rich. 7.5 as well

Why go?
Kevin Delk the proprietor and his team have done something here that is very special by combing all 4 elements of a great restaurant in one fantastic experience. The atmosphere is relaxing and romantic, the plating is gorgeous, the food mouth watering, and the price surprisingly reasonable for its quality.

Numbers and such. The meal cost a total of $73.94. And our final rating is 7.5. I do want to add that though the score is 7.5 I very much enjoyed this restaurant and have already made plans to go again with a few friends to try some more dishes!

Thanks as always for stopping by and if you have any questions, comments or places that you think we should try please let us know.

Jonathan and Barb

Kevin Delk was kind enough to provide a few inside shots for us here is one of them but I bet you cant guess from the picture what part of the restaurant this is. For the answer to that you will just have to go and check it out for yourself.

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