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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scottish Festival Estes Park

Hi all,

This is the second part of our experiences at the Estes Park Scottish Festival. We went up on Saturday morning and took the time to watch over all the colors and noises of the festival. We had a lot of fun watching the various activities and would recommend going up there just to see various events.

The first thing we ran into was some of the dogs warming up for the various competitions they have.


After that we spent some time watching the athletic events. It was amazing watching them pick up those huge logs and tossing them about.


Following that, as we were heading to meet my father, who was coming by to see things with us, we heard a dull thunder that kept rising in volume as we approached a few tents. Inside were the dancing competitions and wow, they were incredible moving and stomping around with a flash of color in their costumes.

And, of course the bag pipers were making music throughout the festival. We all very much enjoyed our time watching the dogs, pipers, and dancers, as well as the pretty darn cool games and we decided to go try the food. This is a carnival type event so we went to a few different vendors and snacked to try the wares.

The very first thing we tried was a Scotch egg.


A hard boiled egg, sausage wrapped and then deep fried. A yummy heart attack on a plate. This was really good and I truly enjoyed it and could have had one or more.

The second thing we ran into was a meat pie that came with mashed potatoes and peas.

This was decent. It had a nice amount of meat and a good taste and actually pretty good as far as festival food goes.

The next thing was a bread bowl full of Chili.


This was ok, considering the cold day, but to be honest the most that can really be said of it is that it was hot; the chili itself was fair, and the bread about the same.

Lastly was a Pasty from the same place the Chili bowl came from.


A pasty is a meat filled pie basically and normally very darn good. However in this instance, it was not. In fact, one bite is all we could do. The pasty was hard as a rock and tasted like cardboard and the inside was as dry as the same rock. This was just plain bad, bad for carnival food bad for dog food.

All in all I would encourage you to go to the fair, enjoy the festivities, they are well worth enjoying. Drink the beer (plenty of Guiness all around) and by all means go to the Scotch Tasting. It was great, but except for snacking (I still want another Scotch egg) don’t eat your meal of the day here go on into the town of Estes Park and come back for more of the fun.

Thanks as always for coming by our Colorado dining and food blog, If you have any questions or comments please let us know at jonathan or barb@milehigheater.com