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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi all,

A respresentative from Neuro contacted us to try their drink. There are seven flavors in all: neuro Sonic, neuro Trim, neuro Bliss, neuro Gasm, neuro Sleep, neuro Aqua and neuro Sport.

She dropped off bottles for us to try and this is what we have to say. First off each bottle has between 35 and 50 calories. Each bottle costs around $2.00. You can visit their site to find a store to purchase the product http://drinkneuro.com/.

Neuro Sonic
I really liked the taste of this. It was refreshing and quinched my thirst. It also gave me an energy boost. We also let a friend of ours who is a die hard energy drink person try this and he said the taste was very good and he could feel the boost of energy fairly quickly.

nuero Bliss
I had a co-worker try this one and she did not like it much as it had a chemical taste and smell to it. It did hold it's carbonation though!

neuro Trim
This one had a citrus taste to it. I don't recall much of an effect with this drink, as it was supposed to curb your appetite. Jonathan also tried this one and he likes the taste but as for the effects it claims it is really hard to say after one bottle.

neuro Gasm
Another co-worker tried this one and had the following to say:
It had a strawberry citrus flavor and I liked the lightly carbonated aspect. The carbonation isn't overpowering like it is with a lot of sodas. It also did not have a sharp aftertaste. I got quite a bit of energy from the caffeine. Jonathan tried this one as well and liked the taste as well.

neuro Sleep: Jonathan tried this one and thought the taste was ok, however, whether it was the drink or just being tired it's hard to say. He got to sleep quickly and stayed asleep that night which for him is a pretty nice thing.

neuro Sport
A co-worker's son tried this one for us and said it had an apple taste to it and that he really liked it.

All in all, we recommend trying this drink. The price is really good compared to other drinks and with these, not only do you get a low calorie count, you also get the added benefits the different varieties claim to give, and you get something that actually tastes good and you want to drink.

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