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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Smash Burger

Hi all,

For a while now we have been hearing about the new burger chain “Smash Burger” www.smashburger.com and to be honest really hadn’t thought much of it since it seems like there are enough chains out there with their frozen patties that all pretty much taste the same. Then a few weeks back we were invited down to give it a try and so we went down really not expecting much.

He says:

Looking on the menu you see a much more diverse burger type than most places and the salads and sides really made it far more appealing. Myself, I had a Mushroom Swiss burger with a side of haystack onions. The first thing that hit me when looking at the burger was that it far more resembled a burger I would make on a grill at home than the normal burger joint. I mean it looked like meat, not a frozen piece of cardboard if you know what I mean. Second noticeable difference was the bun. It was fresh egg roll not your garden variety tasteless one.

The burger was juicy and very good and the “haystack” onions I had, which were basically very thin onion rings in a great spicy sauce was outstanding (I would go back for more of those even without the burger). I also added a really thick chocolate shake to the mix and was very happy with everything

Barb chose to have a salad.

She says:

We wanted to be able to provide a choice for those who aren’t burger eaters.
I had the BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad. It had a mix of fresh garden greens topped with strips of grilled or crispy chicken, applewood smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, haystack onions, cheddar cheese, with buttermilk ranch dressing and bbq sauce.

Sometimes when you see the ingredients on the menu, you're never quite sure how it's going to come out. This was one of those times, but it was a pleasant surprise. Once you got everything mixed together, it was a great tasting salad. The mixture of ranch dressing and bbq sauce was nothing I would have ever thought to combine, but it worked well in the context of this salad. And, the haystack onions added a nice texture to the garden greens.

He says:

All in all, I would have to say Smash Burger pretty much kicks some burger butt. And, given the choice when I am in the mood for a burger I would choose them well before any of the normal burger chains out there and even before some of the “gourmet” burger places. My only reservation would be on the day we went they were very busy and they seemed to have some problems keeping up with the patrons leaving as a result a lot of the tables were a bit sticky. But I am sure it was probably just the time we were there not an overall trend.

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