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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tgi Friday's

Hi all,

We were invited out to TGIFriday's to taste some of their new menu items. Six locations in Colorado are trying out these new dishes and with what we got to taste, I would say they are going to do very well.

We had our meal with Stacey Sepp who is with Xstatic Public Relations and Korisa Geiger who is with Philosophy Communication.

We started out with some of the new drink items. Stacey and Korisa started out with the new Seasonal Red Sangria. In the Sangria were Cabernet, Triple Sec, wild berry puree, fresh berries and fresh lemon and lime slices. The drink came out in the glass which had ice and the berries and lemon and lime slices. Along with this came a small picture of the Sangria mixture which you then poured into the glass. It was a beautiful presentation.

Jonathan tried the Smashed Berry drink. It was fresh raspberries, blueberries and lemons muddled in a glass with your choice of Jack's Daniel's or Crown Royal whiskey.

He says: I liked this alot! Probably way too complicated for me to attempt at home but this was a great tasting drink if a bit scarey, by scarey I mean you really need to be careful with this one, it would be easy to drink too much.

She says: I had a quick taste of Jonathan's drink, but for me it was too whisky-ish tasting for my taste.

Barb had the Strawberry Vanilla Mojito. It was Bacardi or 10 Cane rum, vanilla syrup, fresh strawberrie, mint and lime muddled in a tall glass and topped with club soda.

She says: Now, this was more like it. As those who visit our blog regularly know that I'm not much of a drinker, but let me tell you, I could drink this all night long. It was delicious, not too over the top, but just enough kick.

He says: I thought this was good as well but I prefer the one I had, but thats probably the whisky lover in me

We tried three of the new appetizers: Heavenly Hummus, Ahi Tuna with Avocado Crisps and Warm Pretzels with Colorado Native Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce.

We started with the Pretzels. Here's how it reads on the menu: Dunk these thick oven warmed pretzels in our creamy cheese sauce with Colorado Native beer.


He says: Fresh pretzels, beer cheese. Do I really need to say more? It was GOOOD so good you wanted to lick the sauce out of the bottom of the bowl once the pretzels were gone. If you go for nothing else stop by for a order of these!

She says: To phrase my husband on here, "YUM"! These were soooo tasty. Soft, just the right amount of salt and the dipping sauce was divine. You could eat a bowlful of the sauce alone and be very happy.

Next, we tried the Ahi Tuna. Here's the description: Blackened Ahi tuna slices on warm tortilla chips, with chunky guacamole, jalapenos, and cool veggie slivers, splashed with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette and Wasabi Ranch dressing.


He says: This one I thought was ok in general. I am not a huge fish guy and this was no exception. It was good enough for me not to dismiss and the avocado surpised me with how much I liked it, but on my own I probably would not go for it.

She says: I haven't tried avocado much and didn't really think I liked it, but I liked it in this concoction. The flavors blended beautifully. The one thing I would suggest to those who try this, is make sure you don't forget there's a jalapeno on this dish. I got that as my last bite and it was a little kick that I wasn't expecting.

Next up was the Heavenly Hummus. The menu says: A blend of garbanzo beans and sesame tahini, garnished with classic Mediterranean goodies and served with pita bread pieces.


He says: Hmmpf Hummus! That was my original thought along with ewwww, gross, and please noooooo, but decided to be a good sport and give it a try even though I knew from previous experience I would not like it. Well, I was wrong. When you got a bit of everything on that pita it was just darn yummy. I would actually order this on my own and that is saying something indeed. So, I say TRY this even you hummus haters out there (like me) you will be surprised.

She says: I've only had Hummus once before and wasn't something I would want a lot of, but let me first say the presentation on this dish was visually stunning. And, the flavors were good together. Like other dishes we talk about, you have to get a little of everything to make it work. Once you did that, the dish was more enjoyable.

Out of the appetizers, I would pick the pretzels and the Ahi Tuna again.

On to the main dishes!

We tried four different dishes: Victory Garden Pasta, Sizzling Chimmichuri Steak and Fries, Grilled Vegetable Dagwood and the Turkey Cranberry Reuben.

The Victory Garden Pasta: Spaghetti tossed with sauteed fresh broccoli, cherry tomatoes, radicchio, spinach and sugar snap peas in a lemon vegetable sauce with basil butter and parmasean.


He says: Been on a bad run with pasta lately. Not that it was bad, but it was just ok, nothing special move along nothing to see here.

She says: This was my least favorite of the dishes we tried. That's not to say that it was bad, it just wasn't up to par with the other dishes.

Sizzling Chimmichuri Steak and Fries: Tender grilled flat iron steak, with peppers and onions, grape tomatoes and a spicy Chimmichui sauce for authentic flavor served with crispy fries.

He says: Tender steak very nicely cooked and a fantastic Chimmichui sauce that I just loved, this was wonderful.

She says: This came out sizzling and smelled delicious. The meat was tender and tasty, and mixed with the peppers and onions made it a great combo.

Grilled Vegetable Dagwood: Crisp toasted pita piled high with spinach, broccoli slaw with mango chutney mayo, cucumber and tomato slices, and grilled tandoori-marinated veggies, garnished with goat cheese crumbles.

He says: Vegatarian again, another hmmpf for me (are you getting I like meat), but you know it was good, really good. I wont go so far as to say I would order it on my own, but if someone at the table did I would want a nibble. For a veggie sandwich it's hard to beat.

She says: This was a great cold sandwich. A great mixture of tastes combined with the pita made this a sandwich worth having again. This is a great vegetarian choice on the menu.

Turkey Cranberry Reuben: Rye bread with Cranberry jalapeno thousand island dressing and a generous layer of whole berry cranberry sauce to cushion smoked roast turkey, bubbly melted swiss cheese and a layer of crunch cranberry coleslaw.

He says:MMMMMMM YUMMMMMM NUM NUM NUM!! Step away from my reuben, violaters risk being bitten. Think my point may have gotten across. I REALLLLLLY liked this.

She says: I wasn't sure about this, but was pleasantly surprised by it and it actually was my favorite of the night, followed by the Chimmichuri dish. The flavors blended well together and I wanted more of this sandwich.

We tried one new dessert and one current dessert.

Berry Shortcake Sliders: Warm flaky almond biscuits topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries glazed in a light strawberry syrup, with whipped cream and a dusting of powered sugar.

He says: I liked this alot. Very light enjoyable dessert with a great fresh taste. A great choice if you want something sweet but not heavy at the end.

She says: This was ok. Not great, and not bad - just ok. The talk about the table was that this would be a great brunch dessert and I think that's a good idea.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie: Chocolate ganache layered with peanut butter mousse in a peanut butter graham cracker crust. Topped with whipped cream and a peanut butter cup.


He says: Yumm! I love peanut butter and chocolate any way so no way this could go wrong. It is however very rich and probably best shared.

She says: Now, this was a great dessert. It was like a big peanut butter cup with lots of chocolate sauce to dip it in. This, I would order again.

TGIFriday's has 20 new items on their menus for you to try. They are playing with their menu to reflect the modern flavors that diners crave. They are building on fresh ingredients and bold flavors. The new dishes have freshly prepared and cooked to order items.

If you haven't been to TGIFriday's for a while, we would recommend you get there and try some of these new dishes for yourself. It's a fun night out with friends and ordering a few things and sharing them, by doing so you can try more of the new stuff or share some of your old favorites with friends.

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