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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hello and welcome:

This blog will be about the culinary adventures of an ordinary couple with pictures and comments. First would like to say I am just an ordinary guy, not a chef and defiantly not a trained food critic so you will probably see a lot of YUM and MMMMM’s in my descriptions but I will do my best to be descriptive as possible.

This whole interest in food started a few years back when watching shows like Top Chef and Iron chef America, normally while eating a chicken breast or maybe a bit of meat loaf. As the time went on I got more and more interested in seeing what all the fuss was about so the day came when we decided to take a trip to New York City to play tourist and I thought to myself now is the time to try some of these restaurants if I am ever going too. So I started saving and saving and saving a bit more and when we went to New York we has the opportunity to go to some very highly acclaimed restaurants such as Per Se and Le Bernardin.

Wow my eyes and taste buds were truly blown away and now that we are home again have decided to write down our experiences there and also to start trying more restaurants in our local area. Here in Colorado we don’t have the huge influx of world class restaurants a place like New York does but we still have our share of good ones and once a month we will be going to one and blogging about it here.

I am going to start out by writing about the ones we went to in New York and going from there. If you are reading this and have any question’s about the food the price or the wind speed velocity of a sparrow for that matter feel free to let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I have not set a personal goal to try each of the “10 best restaurants in the world” and of course as we go to them and in all honesty good chance they will be few and far between we talk about them as well. http://www.theworlds50best.com/

Once again thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy what you see :)

Jonathan Wisner

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