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Thursday, November 6, 2008


After an uneventful Saturday, Jonathan and I decided to go out to dinner. We picked Sugarbeet in Longmont, since it was close by and Jonathan had been itching to get there for a while.

Well, the itch has been scratched. All I can say is that Jonathan’s wishes were granted, we finally ate at Sugarbeet. Me, I’m still itching. It wasn’t that the food was bad or the place was unappealing, it was just average. And since we’ve been discovering a life of above average, average just didn’t cut it for me. Now, remember, I’m not a food snob by any means, and when I say that the food was average, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was just alright, and alright just wasn’t what I wanted last night.

The restaurant itself is very charming, from the wooden beams overhead to the brick walls and columns. A small restaurant that is divided into 2 rooms, with a bar area right when you walk in with 3 or 4 tables, to a more spacious area to the right with about 8 tables.

You’ll notice that we have no pictures to post with this meal, as he who will remain nameless forgot to put the memory card into the camera. Oh well, you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Barb and Jonathan

To start with, we had the Gorgonzola stuffed Medjool Dates wrapped in Parma Prosciutto.

He says: Ok, I liked this one. It was good, it had some great textures and taste and a great mix of sharpish cheese flavor and the sweet date. This dish also gave me great hope for the rest of the meal and I give it a 7.5

She says: This was a delightful start to the mean. The dates were warm and chewy with a nice flavor and smell. They were served with radish, spinach and baby tomatoes.

My main course was Cassoulet with Braised Rabbit, Toulouse sausage, Salsify and Cannellini Beans.

She says: Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked bean stew or casserole originating in the southwest of France. This one had lots of beans, some onion and celery and rabbit on top. You all know from previous posts just how much I’ve been enjoying rabbit, but this dish was somewhat of a letdown. All I could taste was the beans. The rabbit wasn’t distinguishable from the cassoulet. The flavors of the rabbit were just lacking. The cassoulet itself was very good, I do like stew, but I really wanted to taste the rabbit more. This is the first meal in a long time that I added any condiments to as well. I would give it a 5.

He says: OK, hmm this had a good taste to it and the taste was beans and as I like white beans, I kinda liked the dish. I think the problem is when I go out I want to feel I ate something memorable, something that makes me think about it later and want more. This was just not it. Dont get me wrong it was fine, the meat could of been anything, it did not add flavor and as Barbara said I thought it needed seasoned. I am going to go with a 5. here.

Jonathan’s main course was Baby Back Pork Ribs with Cantina Mustard Sauce, Mashed Yukon Golds and Sauteed Baby Spinach

He says: A full rack of ribs here and not one of those wimpy little racks either. This was alot of meat with a great smelling sauce. I enjoyed this. The meat was just falling off the bone and the sauce had a good taste to it. However, and I really hate to harp on this point it wasn't out of the ordinary and nothing that I will crave. In the end it was a good solid rack of ribs but nothing to wite home about. I give it a 6.

She ssys: I didn't try Jonathan's dish at all, except for some of his potatoes, which were good. So, I can't really rate his dish.

Barb’s dessert was Cooked Pineapple topped with Coconut Ice Cream.

She says: This dessert was very good. I might even go as far to say it was my favorite dish of the night. The cooked pineapple with the coconut ice cream was a nice mixture of textures and taste. I would give it an 8.

He Says: This was tasty, very tasty. The flavors mixed well together and the pineapple sweetness just went fantastic with this rich ice cream. I will go 7.5.

Jonathan’s dessert was Chocolate Bread Pudding

He says: I like a bread pudding and when you throw chocolate in the mix it was something I just had to try. The flavors were there and it was nice and rich and thick just like a bread pudding should be, but it was not very moist and that took away some of the enjoyment for me, even though the flavor itself was good. I give it a 6.

She says: This dessert was ok. Again, I wasn't blown away by it, but it tasted fine. I like bread pudding, but I think the chocolate took away from it. I would give it a 5.

I have heard alot of great things about Sugarbeet, so I tend to think maybe they had a bad night in the kitchen the day we were there. But, whatever it was, this was just an ok meal. If the main course's could of been as good as the it would have been much better, but as it stands our overall rating is going to be an .....

Overall really this meal was just ok and when I go out and spend money on a meal I expect it to be better than just ok.

Thanks for coming by and visiting our Colorado food blog and if you have any questions and comments feel free to let us know at jonathan or barb @milehigheater.com

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